Public speaking

Sekretäride päev 2021. Foto autor Raul Mee

I work with people who’d like to deliver their message more effectively. My customer base includes CEOs, COOs, professional and keynote speakers, but also actors, teachers, coaches, trainers (people who deliver workshops and webinars) and even students.

I work online and in-person. My services include: 

  • Analyzing webinars/workshops
  • Preparation for important speeches, presentations, meetings 
  • Developing better self-expression 
  • Speaking techniques


How to inspire people to leave their comfort zone and motivate them to make the changes you’re looking for? 

There’s a reason why true leadership is sometimes described as art itself and every leader is said to be an artist. Leadership is just not about strategies and plans, but about creating and sharing their message, directions clearly. This will create a positive working atmosphere, and is a reflection of great leadership.

Leaders, working with a Corporate Maestro, learn how their team can work together as an excellent orchestra, by using their uniqueness and strengths. Like a conductor, you’ll lead them to work on a common goal.

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